Lez Fuller


I started my spiritual path some 37 years ago, after a family problem, which drew me to seek enlightenment, which took me into becoming a spiritualist medium and healer.  During the course of finding enlightenment through spirit, I was continually taught daily by upper world guides and beings, about the 3 worlds of shamanism, I asked WHY just learn.  Over the cause of this learning, I was taught many things and was told when the time was right I should start shamanic practice which was 33 years ago, since then many good people have come across my path seeking help of various kinds, which have been aided by the spirit working through me, I asked why I was chosen for this work, and was told that because I have the ability to stay well grounded and connect with the spirit of animals, plants, and anything that has a spirit, including rocks, crystals & stones.   Although an earthly person, I see the sacredness in all things; I’m still blown away every day that I was chosen for this work.  In a nutshell, as it would take too long to confer all of the spiritual things that I’ve experienced.


Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all related)








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