Grant Wilson



A creative soul with a shamanic influence, I draw upon all the elements to provide a unique, bespoke healing service, created around the individual needs of my clients.


Many years ago, I was touched by a special soul who released a long standing pain I was suffering, and in turn opened my mind. This was the start of me realising our own awesome healing potential – and awakened something in me to embrace both spiritual and physical therapies.


As a trained Reiki practitioner, I combine this influence with my physical therapies of Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Sound and Crystal Healing and Hot Stone Massage, as well as card and spiritual readings.


A Shaman at heart, this provides me with the ability to journey through the spiritual realms – calling upon Angelic energies or Shamanic Ancestors, we can also utilise Animal energies through card reading and meditation. Sound also plays an important role, and I use a variety of sound healing modalities including the powerful drum, singing bowls and tuning forks.


Drawing upon Earths energy I connect with our Elements – Earth, Air, Water and Fire – and their corresponding energies to instinctively connect with clients, and send the energy flow to the foundation of the condition. Using all the senses, I combine Sound, Smell and Touch to enable the mind to see beyond the daily pressures that blind our senses or block our vision.