Holly Harrison


Holly Harrison is a 22 year old singer-songwriter influenced by the works of artists such as Tori Kelly, Stevie Nicks, Ed Sheehan and Jonh Mayer. Born and raised in France, Holly began writing songs on the guitar following a move to the UK in 2010. Her music is full of authentic spiritual guidance, and her powerful songs cut through the all too common generational problems existing in western life, pointing you to helpful, positive and lasting solutions.

Her vocals resemble those of Anastasia, Cher and Kelly Clarkson; a strong, rich tone, accompanied by raw, powerful vocals - and her guitar playing has a unique style which draws you in to her rich lyrical wisdom.

In short, Holly creates much needed conscious music, words and vocals which have the power to help a generation heal, grow, blossom and flourish."-Written by J.Michael

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